Police Bias

My Wish List for 2015 (Or Until We Get It Right…)

Yes, it’s that time again – the beginning of a new year. As we are all aware, this is the time of year when we each decide to make changes, or resolutions, in our individual lives for the better. They may include, but often are not limited to, lose weight, maintain an overall healthier lifestyle, pursue a change in career, find that special someone, build and sustain positive relationships, etc. Some of us actually keep our resolutions. Others don’t.

Still, we persist in identifying needed changes, or resolutions, out of an unwavering sense of hope that a new year brings. With that said, I am listing my desired changes, or wishes. Instead of listing my desired changes for myself as an individual, I am listing my wishes, or needed changes, for the betterment of the collective. (more…)


Through the Eye’s of a Child

Eric Garner ImageMe: Watching news coverage of the grand jury’s decision not to indict the police officer who placed Eric Garner in a choke hold, a method banned by NYPD.

My 5-year Old Son: “Mommy, why did they do that to him?  That’s not nice. They didn’t have to kill him. Why did they do that?”

Me: After staring at his young, handsome face wearing a simultaneous look of bewilderment and innocence (yes, I used the word innocence to describe a child of color), I simply responded with…  silence…

How do I explain to a 5-year old child that his presence will one day be considered deviant?  Thoughts?

I’m Scared…

Not long after Michael Brown was killed, another young male of color was killed amidst the turmoil in St. Louis, Missouri.

Image from rollingout.com

Image from rollingout.com

Apparently, an encounter with the police resulted in his untimely death. As usually is the case, the precise details surrounding his death are being questioned by various persons involved. While some say he was unarmed and simply carrying a sandwich, others have contended that he was in fact armed and engaged in an active gun battle. (more…)

Business As Usual…

Yesterday evening, I came across an article about little Aiyana Stanley-Jones who was tragically killed in 2010 during a police raid of her home while sleeping on the couch.  Seeing her picture on the front page of a national news outlet signaled to me that it was possible her death had not gone completely unnoticed.  I still recall hearing about little Aiyana on the news when the tragedy initially occurred.  I was certain that, as more people learned of the circumstances of her death, national outrage would spark a movement that would leave an indelible mark on the consciousness of every American.  Unfortunately, one to two weeks after her death, there was virtual radio silence regarding little Aiyana and those who killed her. (more…)

Selective Aim?

Approximately three years ago, three siblings, including one sister and two brothers, made national headlines when they doughertys FBI Wanted Posterembarked on a cross-country crime spree that ended in a car chase and shootout with police in Colorado. In addition to two handguns, the siblings were armed with an AK-47. During their final encounter with the police, the sister, Lee Dougherty, pointed a gun at police officers. In response, she was shot once in the leg leaving her effectively immobilized. (more…)

Unequally Safe

Several weeks ago, a group of young teenagers unlawfully entered the home of former NBA star Ray Allen.  Not only was his home entered unlawfully, his wife and children were home at the time.  According to Shannon Allen, the wife Ray Allen, she awoke to find a group of individuals in her home at 2:30am.  One can only imagine how terrified she may have been.  In that instant, a multitude of questions probably ran through her mind simultaneously including: Who is this?  Do they have weapon?  Are they alone or are there others?  Where are my children?  Have they been harmed?  How can I protect myself and my children? (more…)