Grammy 2015

A Few Suggestions for Mr. West’s “Enthusiasm”

By now, everyone has heard about Kanye West’s most recent rant after the 2015 Grammy’s.  To provide a brief summary, Mr. West expressed frustration with Beyonce’s loss to Beck for Album of the Year.  Initially, I thought to myself, “Can you please stop perpetuating the ‘angry black man’ stereotype?!”

K West and Beck at Grammys

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However, I eventually acknowledged my own hypocrisy.  On numerous occasions, I have said to my students, “it’s okay to be angry.”  As a caveat, however, I always follow up that statement with, “as long as you direct that anger into something positive.”  Accordingly, I am asking Mr. West to channel his frustration into something that would be of benefit to the collective good – and not just Beyonce’s trophy case.  So, here are a few other things that Mr. West could be angry about instead… (more…)