About Dr. Parham-Payne

Welcome to a Payneful Truth! The Payneful Truth is a blog that captures my reactions, perceptions, and ideas concerning a range of social and political issues and events.

To tell you a bit about myself, I am a sociologist whose research interests include minority health disparities, the intersection of race, gender, and/or class, the African-American family, and the social construction of innocence. Prior to entering academia, I began my career as an applied researcher in the private sector where I worked on federally funded initiatives to ultimately develop programs and services. My responsibilities typically included the collection of qualitative and quantitative data, analysis, and formative program evaluation.

I later worked as a public health analyst within the District of Columbia’s Department of Health Care Finance. In addition to conducting usage analyses of healthcare services utilized by the District’s Medicaid beneficiaries, I also managed the Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) contract that ensured the appropriate provision of services to thousands of the District’s low-income population. While working within the District’s Medicaid program, I gained greater insight into the challenges faced by minority and low-income populations in trying to secure access to and receipt of health care.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in political science at Elizabeth City State University in Elizabeth City, NC. I later earned my master’s of public administration at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. I then earned my doctor of philosophy in sociology, specializing in medical sociology and urban sociology, at Howard University in Washington, DC.  My research has been published in Advances in Gender Research, Journal of African American Studies, Journal of Black Studies, Journal of Race and Policy, and the Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare.  One of my most recently published research is featured on the London School of Economics’ USApp and can be found here.

My book, The Intersection of Race and Gender in National Politics, can be accessed via the Rowman and Littlefield or Amazon websites.

Please feel free to share your comments. I look forward to reading your reactions as well.



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