I’m Scared…

Not long after Michael Brown was killed, another young male of color was killed amidst the turmoil in St. Louis, Missouri.

Image from rollingout.com

Image from rollingout.com

Apparently, an encounter with the police resulted in his untimely death. As usually is the case, the precise details surrounding his death are being questioned by various persons involved. While some say he was unarmed and simply carrying a sandwich, others have contended that he was in fact armed and engaged in an active gun battle.

Yes, I am quite troubled by the loss of another young life. However, I am much more troubled by my initial reaction.

As a self-professed “news junky,” on a daily basis, I watch and read the news on various channels and websites respectively. In fact, I read news websites multiple times throughout the day so that I am constantly informed of occurring events. However, most recently, when I heard about the murder of Vonderrit Myers, Jr., I, unfortunately, did not respond in shock. Instead, out of part exasperation and part apathy, I glazed over the news heading. It would be days before I actually read any article pertaining to the death of Vonderrit Myers, Jr., as I had to garner the emotional strength to read about one more untimely, gun-related death of a young black male.

Far too often, when there is a death like that of Vonderrit Myers, there is a media frenzy accompanied by public outrage. Short-lived public outrage. Soon thereafter, the public outrage dissipates and the media re-directs its energies to another topic. The issue of young black males dying at a disproportionate rate remains unaddressed – until the next time. Then, the cycle, or the routine, begins once again.

This is the source of my fear. The apathy. The exasperation. The lack of shock.